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Man Confirms His Girlfriend Vírginity With His Manhood

Man Confirms His Girlfriend Vírginity With His Manhood 1 Man Confirms His Girlfriend Vírginity With His Manhood
Written by Muhammed Kolawole

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A 22 year-old  man Toheeb was last week arrested on allegations of ráping his girlfriend on the pretext of testing her vírginity. Norman toheeb  (22) allegedly told the girl that he wanted to confirm if she was really a vírgin before forcing his séxual banana into the girl’s prívates.

Allegations are that on this week, toheeb met the girl who was coming from a shopping centre and asked her to accompany him to his house to see his sister. The girl reportedly agreed and accompanied him to his house. Upon arrival, they found toheeb’s sister in the kitchen with her boyfriend and they proceeded to his bedroom.

It is alleged that toheeb asked the girl if she was a vírgin and she told him that she was still a vírgin. He reportedly told her that he WANTED TO TEST FOR HIMSELF if indeed she was still a vírgin but the girl DENIED. He allegedly grabbedher and forced her on to the bed and forcefully played the bedroom game with her, a conduct which the State says was unlawful.

Further claims are that days after the incident Toheeb went to the girl’s parents and declared his love for the girl. A report was made to the police and the man was arrested.

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