Victor AD – Red Eye (Lyrics)

Victor AD – Red Eye (Lyrics) 1 Victor AD – Red Eye (Lyrics)
Written by B Prince

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Victor Ad
It’s Kel P vibes
Ye ra ye ra
It’s Victor AD na na na yeah
Verse 1
Small boy Small boy
When you call out on the beat omo na biggie man
Rough boy Rough boy
You suppose know say Warri dey the back of the biggie man
Hard boy Hard boy
So when it comes to the flow I say omo na Jiggy man
No vex, No vex
Cause when you see the red I just know say na para man

Verse 2
Them think say them stubborn
But I go show them say my guys here we stubborn pass them o
Them think say them wise
And I go show them say for here their wiseness na foolishness
And ten goals to nothing
Ten goals to nothing
Hope say you dey count the score
Otedola with the money
Otedola with the money
I will always secure the bars

Them no know my story
No know my story eh eh eh
Them only the glory
Them only the glory eh eh eh
Nobody holy
Nobody holy eh eh eh
So no dey talk about Karma like say you self never para


If na wahala them want
Make them talk
If na justice them want
Make them talk
If na peace wey them want
Make them talk
Anything way them want
Make them talk
We no dey fear nothing oh eh eh
(?) out to something oh eh eh
Omo say we no dey fear nothing o
(?) out with something oh eh eh
Oya go ask about me eh

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